Is the tallest structure in the world. Height: 828m

The Burj Dubai Project is a multi-use development tower with a total floor area of 460,000 square meters that includes residential, hotel, commercial, office, entertainment, shopping, leisure, and parking facilities. The Burj Dubai project is designed to be the centerpiece of the large scale Burj Dubai Development that rises into the sky to height that exceeds 700 meters and that consists of more than 160 floors. The Client of Burj Dubai Tower, Emaar Properties, is a major developer of lifestyle real estate in the Middle East. Turner International has been designated by the owner as the Construction Manager, and Samsung Joint Venture as the General Contractor. The design of Burj Dubai Tower is derived from geometries of the desert flower, which is indigenous to the region,and the patterning systems embodied in Islamic architecture.


The Tower is founded on a 3700mm thick high performance reinforced concrete pile supported raft foundation at -7.55 DMD. The reinforced concrete raft foundation utilizes high performance Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) and is placed over a minimum 100mm blinding slab over waterproofing membrane, over at least 50mm blinding slab. The raft foundation bottom and all sides are protected with waterproofing membrane for the Raft Foundation System.

The piles are 1500mm diameter, high performance reinforced concrete bored piles, extending approximately 45 meters below the base of the raft. All piles utilize self compacting concrete (SCC) with ratio not exceeding 0.30, placed in one continuous concrete pour using the tremie method. The final pile elevations are founded at -55 DMD to achieve the assumed pile capacities of 3000 tonnes. A robust cathodic protection system for both the bored piles and the raft foundation system protects the foundation and the reinforced concrete raft against the severe and corrosive environment (chloride and sulfate) of the soil at the Burj Dubai site.