Plastics are one of derivative of petrochemicals, unlike other derivatives of petrochemical it is generally thought of with a different perspective a positive and a negative. Plastic industry is reaching new elevations nowadays . He have almost everything manufactured in plastic let it be a small toothbrush to even parts of our vehicles everything in every zonal.

Plastics have definitely come up as a good alternative of metal or other materials in the manufacturing industries due to its electrical resistivity , high malleability ,high temperature and pressure bearing capacity in many specially manufactured plastics and its adaptability in all types of environment makes it easy to use in various equipments. Although seeing the positives of plastic there is no wrong in considering its darker side and that is , it is non biodegradable, i.e. it cannot be decomposed under the soil with an expectation that it will cause no harm to us.

Plastics remain in soil for millions of years releasing many harmful chemicals in the environment that can endanger our flora and fauna. Also there are evidences that it can cause many severe diseases like cancer in human beings. We are recklessly using plastic in our day to day life eventually reducing the life of earth constantly.

Many countries throughout the world laid many guidelines on the use of plastics and restricted its use to an extent in many manufacturing industries. Still there are many techniques which can be implemented to make its use in an intellectual way so that we can think of the sustainable development for our future generation.

Plastics in construction can be a wise idea as plastic has many capabilities that fulfill the requirements of many other building materials. Advancement in technology has helped it to a great extent. Various different types of plastics have been introduced and are actively used in the construction industry, some of these are polyethylene plastic which has high chemical stability and water resistivity, polyvinyl chloride plastic used as a common building plastic, polystyrene plastic is good because of its easy processing and low price, polypropylene plastic has light weight properties strong heat resistance of about (100-120) °C . Polypropylene, together with polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride has become the main varieties of building plastic.

Not only this a study revealed that India produces 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day out of which 9000 tonnes of plastic waste in India remains untreated. We are all aware of the fact that it takes about 500-1000 years for plastic to degrade completely under the biological action. Countries like Uganda have started working up with there plastic houses. This can be a source of inspiration for other countries. Even a company in Scotland has made its way for the construction of roads using plastic. Plastic roads are 60% stronger and about 10 times longer .In a country like India where development is the foremost priority ,it's the responsibility of the government to adopt such measures and provide a green future to the country.

Everyone of us is aware about the sustainable development but still we are recklessly using our natural resources and then there comes a need of such artificial resources like plastics. Plastics have developed a huge market in India and if not properly managed with their disposals can lead to gulping up our natural habitat.

I can see India as a good competition for other countries in future and my dream India constitutes of a country where people are using plastics in construction of buildings,roads , skyscrapers,bridges, railway tracks everywhere along with a well managed system of plastic recycling plant. The next generation will definitely witness this change and we will achieve our goal of developed country soon.